So looking at the banana muffin recipe my last post was October! Well, I have been baking since then but life has also been very busy what with Christmas, some “seasonal sickness”  that seems to be going on forever and just life in general.

 It seemed the right time to write seeing as Levi had his six monthly allergy check up a few days ago. I cannot comment on results as we will call for them this week. He did have a reaction to milk in November (I misjudged an empty teacup being out of his reach and he put it to his mouth hence hives and itching, I felt terrible!) so I think safe to say he hasn’t grown out of that one!

Also he has now been diagnosed with asthma, as much as he can be as the Doctor said they do not like to be 100% until they are bigger and proper testing can be done. But seeing as the wheezing and coughing that had been  going on for a while immediately disappeared with his puffers being prescribed they are thinking it is so. As with everything the little man takes it all in his stride, he thinks the puffers are great fun!

 I am going to be brave and take the Dr’s advice to try him with strawberries and bananas again. She said she thinks it will be ok….

 As for recipes, coming soon!

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