I haven’t posted for a while and I have a few recipes to post but first an update on the little man who had his milk food challenge on Tuesday. We all had high hopes, the doctors were pleased that his skin was so clear, that he hadn’t had any serious reactions and that the blood and skin prick tests had all been indicating that he was becoming less sensitive to milk. So we entered into it with a positive attitude.

 But it wasn’t to be. At first we saw no reaction, he had three tiny amounts of milk over 45 minutes and when he started to become irritable we assumed it was because he was being deprived of his mid morning sleep. Then when he was offered the 4th tube of milk he got very upset and really didn’t want it. Shortly after he started coughing, a strange husky cough. I told the doctor who came and looked at him. He had also started itching his left eye and was getting more upset. The doctor wanted to examine him so he was taken into a seperate room. As soon as we got him in there his eye swelled and he got hives on that side of his face and his breathing sounded strange. “I’m afraid he is reacting we must stop now”! said Doc. They were very good, antihistamines were given, steroids via his IV and he finally calmed as I cuddled him and went to sleep. By the time Daddy arrived 30 minutes later he was looking almost back to normal again. It was a scary experience for mummy but the Doctor did say although serious it was not a life threatening reaction, his throat was irritated but not swollen. Hopefully in perhaps 6 or 12 months we will be able to try again.

 It was disheartening admittedly. But the little man is not missing out on anything, it’s just back to “normal” milk free  living. It would just be nice to not have to live in fear of so many foods…….Back to the rice milk and 17 Euro a week special milk then.  

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