A long afternoon at the hospital today. They wanted to see if Levi would first be ok with a small amount of his MMR vaccination and he was fine (except screaming bloody murder when being injected). After the long wait he was then given the rest of his MMR dose and then we had to wait even longer to be sure he was ok. In the meantime they also took blood for more RAST tests. They wanted to check his allergy to hazelnut because he has had  a strong reaction through the skin prick tests and also his milk protein allergy because they think he is gaining resistence and if so, depending on how good the test results, they may want to start re-introducing it (don’t want to get my hopes up but if so, yay!).

I also spoke with the dietician and she was so helpful suggesting we start introducing some beans and peas to his diet (but one at a time to check for any possible cross-reaction) and telling me about some great products Levi can have that I wasn’t aware of. Finally I have discovered a margarine I can use called “Becel Origional” and a liquid baking solution called “Becel Bakken en Braden Vloibaar” (which roughly translates as “baking and roasting liquid”) and they also do a mayo type dressing that is egg free so it provides less worry of him coming into contact with egg and it tastes great. Becel product to be found here.

Becel Orgional

Becel Bakken en Braden Vloibaar

I normally use “Pure Sunflower Spread” which I stock up on when I go to the UK. Great stuff.

2 thoughts on “A good day – New foods and vaccinations

    • me too about the dairy because there are not really any high fat foods he can have and he needs it being a toddler. The dietician said “let#s hope”!

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